Matt Weiner

Updated May 23, 2023 (the page now puts me at the correct university, most other information is still eighteen years out of date)

Matt Weiner (rhymes with "meaner") is an Associate

Professor at the Philosophy Department of the University of Vermont.

His CV (old!) in HTML, pdf, and word.


Some old online papers (including published, forthcoming, and submitted

material as well as other relatively polished material and some drafts).  More can be found at my PhilPeople page. I may try to post more manuscripts more systematically, though I don't update this page often. If there's anything you think I have that you can't find, please contact me!


His weblog, Opiniatrety (some philosophy, much random nonsense).

His e-mail is one-half of mattmatt@mattweinermattweiner.netnet

Sorry about the circumlocutions, but that's what it takes to keep the spam down.

His cat emerita