A row of foundation stones. A filled-in hole for the cellar. Did someone live here once?\n\nThe last magic sighs away into the ground, into memory, into [[make-believe.|end]]
At this hour dragons would fly at the [[cliff]] edge, underwings glowing red in the sunset. Past the foothills lie the [[borderlands]].
You fold the land into your pocket and walk home.
A beam shines from some gap above. A meadow on an island. \n\nA map: "Look down from the ledge." It dissolves on the swim [[back|cave]].
The evening light picks out the face of the [[mountain]]. In the undergrowth the [[cave]] mouth, the [[forest]] thickening beyond it.
A rusted glove and a broken blade outline where the bones once lay. A shut-up [[spyglass|forest]] where the other arm was.
A <<if visited("meadow")>>pool<<else>>[[pool]]<<endif>> under the [[borderlands]]. It glistens with gold and bones.
Once there was magic [[here|borderlands]]. Now there is what is left behind.
[[A break in the trees in the deepest part of the woods.|ledge]]
Walk carefully. A wolf howls. The coil between those logs is a snake. These ordinary dangers remain.\n\nThe path from the [[borderlands]] winds by a [[ruined wall|ruins]], trails off into the [[deep woods]].
The ledge clings to the [[cliff]]. Petrified giant's bones cut into the woods below.\n\n<<if visited('meadow')>><<if visited('crypt')>><<if visited('spyglass')>><<else>>Train the [[spyglass]] down. There.<<endif>><<else>>Look down. An unbroken canopy of trees.<<endif>><<endif>>
Lost Castle
Matt Weiner
<<if visited('spyglass')>>[[There|lost castle]] where the light is dimmest.<<else>>No paths in this green gloom. It lightens where the [[forest]] is thinner.<<endif>>
<<if visited('crypt')>>The crypt is [[empty|forest]].<<else>>The [[crypt]] lies open where the [[forest]] thins. A marble knight stares up from its half buried door, eyes long worn away.<<endif>>
Hold your breath. Is that a [[light|meadow]]?
The [[mountain]] drops into the void. One bush sticks out over a [[ledge]].