14 years of running say you can make it.\n\nA pack at your heels says you can't.\n\n''END''
Green leaves sway with the wind. Green grass whistles in the breeze.\n\nFor a moment, everything feels [[fine|Bad End3]].
And then the [[claws|Bad End4]] come out.
You stay in the [[shelter|No1]].
You peek out into the open [[air|Bad End2]].
Even through six inches of reinforced steel, you can hear the [[noises]].
You chuckle as you pass them by.\n\nYou're finally safe-- //but for how long//, you wonder.\n\n''END''
You wonder where they are as you hurry through the woods.\n\nAnd then, when you come upon a clearing, you find your [[answer|Alpert End3]].
That music you were playing earlier-- it's put all the monsters asleep! They're all resting in the [[clearing|Alpert End4]], snoring peacefully.
<<nobr>><<set $Music_Play to true>>\n<<endnobr>>You take out a Herb Alpert record. A woman who seems to be wearing nothing but whipped cream is featured on the cover, which seems to go with the title, //Whipped Cream and Other Delights//. You put it on. Seems pleasant enough, and your room feels a bit less like a [[jail cell.|Shelter cell]]
You slowly, very slowly, sneak out the door.\n\nBut you don't find any [[monsters|Alpert End2]].
Outside the door you can occasionally hear the beasts trying to scratch and claw their way into the shelter. It makes you feel sick whenever the noises come back.\n\nThe sounds seem to have stopped for now, though.\n\nAre you ever going to go back outside, then?\n[[Yes]]\n[[No]]\n\nOr you could [[delay your answer a while longer|Shelter cell]].
<<nobr>>\n<<set $Music_Play to false>>\n<<set $Has_Blanket to false>>\n<<endnobr>>Dreadful scratching sounds, the kind that remind you of when you were a little girl, hiding under the covers so the [[monsters wouldn't get you.|Shelter cell]]
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There's a bunch of Herb Alpert records here, left by the previous occupants, you'd imagine. You remember some folks from a message board you used to hang out on liked Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, or maybe that was Spyro Gyra.\n\n<<if $Music_Play is false>>Anyway, you could [[put one of the records on|Play Record]], if you like.<<else>>Currently there's a Herb Alpert record playing.<<endif>>\n\n[[//(back)//|Shelter cell]]
You pick your notebook up off the table and read some of it.\n\n//6/9/2015: News reports of horrible monsters around the world. None of them are anywhere near my town, though, so I think I'm safe.\n\n7/14/2015: The monsters are now everywhere! I have to hide!\n\n7/16/2015: Finally found an old fallout shelter I could stow away in. I think I'm safe for now.\n\n8/19/2015: Getting kind of bored here. I miss home.\n\n9/25/2015: IDEAS FOR TWINE GAME TITLES?\n--In the midst of eternal wight\n--How to Become a Goddess\n--The Going Gets Tough from the Get-go\n--Hyper-Adapter? I Hardly Know 'Er! (gender-queer game about Batman?)\n--Ass Crack Time Bandit//\n\nNothing that would help you now.\n\n[[//(back)//|Shelter cell]]
Fallout Shelter
<<set $Has_Blanket to true>> You gingerly pick up your blanket and fold it into a tiny square. Then you pack it under your arm. You take another glance at [[the room|Shelter cell]].
Based on the song "Fallout Shelter" by Dore Alpert (//nee// Herb).\n\nTested by Sergio Cornaga and Iblis Snowsdottir.\n\n[[//(back)//|previous()]]
You concentrate hard on your immediate surroundings. [[Your notebook|Notebook]], on the table. The [[record collection|Records]], next to the old player. [[Your bed|Bed]]. The [[door|Door]].\n\n<<if $Music_Play is true>>The cheerful strings and horns of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass can be heard from the record player.<<endif>>
The bed is a moth-eaten mattress on an old box spring frame. Sleeping on it is uncomfortable. <<if $Has_Blanket is false>>Your old [[security blanket]] is on it.<<endif>>\n\n[[//(back)//|Shelter cell]]
You enter the door.\n\nMoments later you [[wish|Blankie End2]] you hadn't.
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It's not very seemly for a grown woman to keep her old blanket around, but you'd miss it too much if you left it at home. It's all worn and ragged from all the years you've had it. You could [[take it with you|Take blanket]], if you like.\n\n[[//(back)//|Bed]]
You wrap your security blanket around your head and [[run through the forest|Blankie End4]].
Hideous monsters slaver and gibber, their fangs and claws ready to carve you up.\n\nSo you do the only [[sensible|Blankie End3]] act you can think of.
You can hear the monsters howling, but they do not see you.\n\nYou can hear them bite and scratch, but their attacks pass right [[through you|Blankie End6]].
And, strangely enough, it [[works|Blankie End5]].
Finally, you reach the end of the forest and unwrap the blanket from your eyes. You're safe-- for now.\n\n''END''
Amadeo Voss
Carefully you <<if $Music_Play is true>>[[creak|Alpert End]]<<elseif $Has_Blanket is true>>[[creak|Blankie End]]<<else>>[[creak|Bad End]]<<endif>> open the door.
Too frightened to go outside, too bored to actually do anything; this is your life in the shelter.\n\nNothing ever happens.\n\nNothing ever [[matters|No2]].
Can you ever escape from here? Only time will tell.\n\n''END''