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Maria del Pangolin

Release 1

"Tea and Toast" by Maria del Pangolin

[This is the exact version of "Tea and Toast" that was released in Shufflecomp, except for the directions to release with source code and these comments. Oh, and I also ended one commment in the middle apparently so I've fixed that. Look for a post-comp release... sometime! Please disregard any snarky comments, which were made under time pressure.

Right now there are some not very sound design decisions made. For instance, I spent most of the beginning of my design time working on the complex room description... and then I realized that people aren't going to keep looking in a one-room game. So I never got around to making interacting with an object increase its prominence, or writing descriptions for when an object is more prominent than the supporter it's on, or like that.

Another issue is that the memories associated with the bread slices and teacups never work, because those are kind names in the associated thing column of Table of Associations which will never work. I think they're effectively blank. This will take a bit of trickery to accomplish.

This is an Inform 6G60 source text. Thanks to Sam Ashwell and everyone who participated in ShuffleComp!]

Release along with a website and the source text.

The story headline is "A Slice of Life".

The release number is 1.

Include Variable Time Control by Eric Eve.

Include Plugs and Sockets by Sean Turner.

Include Plurality by Emily Short.

Include Complex Listing by Emily Short.

Include Disambiguation Control by Jon Ingold.

Use no scoring, American dialect, and the serial comma.