February 02, 2004

A Meta-Paradox

So far this blog has been pretty much All Paradoxes, All the Time, and I have some stuff about Newcomb's paradox in the pipeline. In my real life I don't actually work on paradoxes that much--I do epistemology, especially the epistemology of testimony, and also speech act theory and the essential indexical. (And some other stuff!) Maybe part of this is guilt over the fact that in my talk at the Pacific APA session on paradoxes I don't actually have anything to say about paradoxes--I argue that you should treat the Deductive Closure principle the same way you treat the major premise of a sorites paradox, but I don't tell you what that way is.

But there's also a paradox here, or maybe it's just irony [paging Alanis Morrisette!]--because I've thought about testimony for so long, my thoughts about it tend to come in huge chunks, with a lot of elaborate stage-setting, and even I wouldn't dare to write a blog post that long. My thoughts on paradoxes and other stuff tend to come in shorter disconnected bursts, and end in question marks and pleas for commentary. Hence, blogging. Should you be interested in listening to me at even greater length, please check out my papers page.

Posted by Matt Weiner at February 2, 2004 03:37 PM