March 22, 2004

If You Might Want to Hire Me Next Year, Let Me Know

I feel awfully self-conscious doing this, but the temporary job market in philosophy is completely chaotic--a lot of it works by word of mouth, and departments sometimes start expressing interest in a position a month after other offers have been made.

So: I have received an offer for a one-year position for next year. If you or someone you know might want to hire me, you should let me know as soon as possible, or I may already have made a commitment. (e-mail:

My AOSs are Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, and Logic; I can also teach Ethics and Philosophy of Religion through the advanced undergraduate level. My cv is here (pdf without included fonts) or here (Microsoft Word). Some of my papers, including my dissertation and drafts of a couple of forthcoming papers, are here.

Only a few left in stock! Hurry!

Posted by Matt Weiner at March 22, 2004 03:26 PM

Sadly, I haven't the power to hire you. But I can tell you that the pdf of your CV is a jumble of boxes and symbols.

Posted by: Geoff at March 29, 2004 04:30 PM

I hope I'm misreading, Matt, but this seems to say "Help, don't force me to accept that offer!" To which I can only reply, "Help, don't force us to move on to the rest of our applicant pool!"

You see, there's desperation on all sides...

(Not that the other candidates are bad philosophers, mind you. It's just that they're (real live) ethicists. I thought it was quite a coup for us -- or for me -- that you came in number one for our "ethics" position!)

Posted by: Ted H. at March 29, 2004 09:56 PM

I've heard that happens on OS X and some browsers--my pdf conversion does not let me include the fonts. Something to work on.

Actually I think I would/will be quite happy at UWM. Mostly I want to be able to tell everyone else "I told you so...."

Posted by: Matt Weiner at March 31, 2004 08:44 AM