July 06, 2004

Name Tom Friedman's Book

Lindsay Beyerstein reminded me that Tom Friedman is on leave for three months to write a book. I think we should help him come up with a title. Suggestions from Lindsay's comments so far--

"The Pie of Humility, or How can one man be so wrong for so long?" (me)

"Uncle Tom's Gabbin': Attitudes and Platitudes" (Lindsay)

"If We Had Some Ham
We Could Have Some Ham and Eggs
If We Had Some Eggs" (Thad; my favorite so far)

Have at it!

[UPDATE: And the winner is, "The World Is Flat," submitted by Tom Friedman! I guess it's going to be a compilation of his pro-war columns.

From the same column, I'd like to add a few words to this sentence: "I believe the main reason the Abu Ghraib prison scandal happened was because [the people who sent] U.S. forces in[to] Iraq were facing an uprising [vicariously] and had no intelligence [and never had, not since the day they were born]."]

Posted by Matt Weiner at July 6, 2004 08:33 PM

Maid in the Shade
(cf. http://www.nypress.com/17/25/news&columns/MATTTAIBBI.cfm))

Dormitive Properties

Posted by: Lindsay Beyerstein at July 7, 2004 10:41 PM

Inspiring fodder

Posted by: Lindsay Beyerstein at July 8, 2004 08:18 PM