July 23, 2004

Army Report on Abuse of Detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan

Report, more or less: Abuse due to bad apples rather than systemic problems, though detainees were widely held in extremely poor conditions.

Sen. McCain, R-AZ: "If you didn't look at the gross and egregious violations, what else didn't you investigate?"

Sen. Reed, D-RI: "It has not answered with finality what went wrong. We don't know in a definitive and factual way what were the policies coming out of higher headquarters. It's pretty murky."

Sen. Talent, R-MO: Report "vindicat[es] our leaders and our soldiers."

[UPDATE: NYT editorial board: "300-page whitewash"; "Mr. Rumsfeld's team may be turning over stones, but it's not looking under them."]

[Digression: What is "nearly two-thirds of the detainees were held at collection points for as long as 30 days" supposed to mean? Nearly two-thirds were held at all? Nearly two-thirds were held for longer than they were supposed to be (12 hours)? More than one-third were held for longer than 30 days?]

Posted by Matt Weiner at July 23, 2004 02:53 PM