August 17, 2004

Why Can't We Have a Press Corps That's More Responsive to My Needs?

My old friend Sam Turich is starring in a new play (Armless by Sebastian Jarrow) as a man who plans to cut off his arms with a saw.* The accompanying NY Times article is mostly about the saw.

Anyway, if you're around New York, check it out; Sam and fellow cast member Gabrielle Reznek are great actresses as well as cool people.

THUR 8/19 8:45pm
FRI 8/20 12am - special midnight show
SAT 8/28 7:45pm
SUN 8/29 4:45pm

The Plaza Cafe at Pace University
3 Spruce Street, East of Park Row
near corner of Gold Street

*Both arms? How do you do the second one?

Posted by Matt Weiner at August 17, 2004 02:34 PM