September 13, 2004

Monday Morning Quarterback

1. Jerome Bettis must have set a record yesterday for most fantasy football points scored while gaining 1 yard--five carries, one yard gained, three touchdowns. [UPDATE: It's probably a tie--Hank Bauer had three touchdowns on four carries for one yard for San Diego in 1979. OTOH, they didn't have fantasy football in 1979.] One of his other carries was originally ruled a touchdown but overturned on instant replay. (He was used in goal line situations and lost a couple of yards on the last drive while rushing to set up a field goal.)

2. Luke's, which the Black and Gold Brigade lists as a place to watch the Steelers, seems to be a Browns bar. Does anyone know any more Steeler-centric places around Milwaukee?

3. I just want to say this before I can be accused of special pleading--sudden-death overtime in football is dumb. You shouldn't have sudden-death in sports in which one team is on offense at a time. It makes about as much sense as sudden death in baseball would, and leads to possibly the most anticlimactic deciding play in all sports except for the soccer shootout--the field goal on second down after five minutes of overtime. Do we really want to discourage teams from trying to score touchdowns? They should play an extra (possibly shorter) quarter.

Posted by Matt Weiner at September 13, 2004 12:32 PM