October 13, 2004

Pogo and Rousseau

Henry, poor dear, does not know the wonder that is Pogo. In grad school I was nicknamed "Pogo" by the girls who worked at the reserve desk because of my spontaneous outpouring of enthusiasm when one of them held up a Pogo book and said, "What's this?"

Rousseau's account of how the institution of society freezes inequality into place reminded me of this dialogue from a Pogo Sunday strip (the bear maintains a look of genuine sorrow throughout):

Bear: Long as us has both been thrun out of Pogo's house, us is in the same boat.

Owl: Right.

Bear: Share and share alike!

Owl: Right.

Bear: Thru thick and thin!

Owl: Right.

Bear: Till your death do us part.

Owl: Why my death?

Bear: Because you'll starve first, alack aday.

Owl: But little folks don't need as much food as big folks.

Bear: You ain't gonna get as much.

I'm actually not quite sure which bit of Rousseau reminded me of this; the important thing is to be reminded of Pogo, not what does it. (Quote from memory and probably wrong somehow.)

Posted by Matt Weiner at October 13, 2004 10:29 AM

"girls"? Is it safe to say "girls" again?
(I know I'm doddering because men have started to call me "young lady.")

Posted by: Matt's mom at October 14, 2004 02:07 PM


Check out the early series on the "Atomic Bowl" for "the underlying Philadelphia" of Karl Kraus (as well as a bit of Walt Kelly's none-too-cultured progressivism).

Posted by: Jeff Rubard at October 15, 2004 02:37 PM