October 30, 2004


I was ready to defend Steven Landsburg again because I thought he'd written an outrageous troll article about executing spammers. Turns out it was an outrageous troll article* about executing hackers. I have no emotional investment in that right now.

That is to say--I've just been hit by amazing amounts of comment spam, in the hundreds of comments. I've cleared it up, but I may be a bit quicker to lock up old comment threads in the future.

The spam raised a quasi-interesting moral question: Given that it's morally wrong to spam someone's blog, is it worse to spam someone's blog with references to practices that make that person uncomfortable/queasy, if those practices are themselves not morally wrong? NO, I'm not providing examples.

*Nice blog design! Glad to see someone else who's too lazy to modify the original templates.

Posted by Matt Weiner at October 30, 2004 04:25 PM