October 31, 2004


I agree with Kevin that McCain-Feingold hasn't really accomplished anything, but it did lead to a very amusing foosball-based TV spot for Russ Feingold. (It doesn't seem to be up on his ad page right now.) Any candidate who uses foosball in an ad gets my vote--that's not supposed to be modally very robust at all.

You see a lot of presidential ads while watching football in Wisconsin. The locals don't seem to be sweating the Senate race much--on my way into the office the other day I passed about 30 people on the campus plaza, gathered around Feingold himself. It was cold and windy, but that's not a crowd you'd expect around a senator four days before a hotly contested race. Modus tollendo tolens...

Posted by Matt Weiner at October 31, 2004 06:02 PM