November 14, 2004

This isn't trash talk

The NFC North seems to have attained maximum parity, with two teams at 5-4 and two teams at 4-5; every team now has a streak of at least three games. Gregg Easterbrook will be happy that Chicago became the second team in NFL history to win by scoring a safety in overtime. I think the sudden-death overtime rule is ridiculous, but a team that gives up a safety in OT--as well as an interception returned for a TD, when 29 seconds were left in the half and the opponent had negative passing yards--doesn't deserve another chance. OK, maybe that was a little trashy.

(There should be a post here about Tyler Burge's paper on Computer Proof and how some of the things I find puzzling in it might be dealt with by a proper understanding of Paul Faulkner's hybrid view of testimony, or anyway an understanding of what Faulkner should have said. But I'm still a bit too puzzled.)

Posted by Matt Weiner at November 14, 2004 05:53 PM

And what happened to the moratorium? I take it the moratorium is just to prevent anyone from dissing on the Steelers, despite all the other items you I right?

Posted by: Diana Buccafurni at November 15, 2004 01:43 PM

What? What? I distinctly said that this wasn't trash talk. If this wasn't trash talk, how could it violate the moratorium on trash talk? Jeez, I didn't even link to my new favorite site. And I have the feeling that if I were to congratulate Kordell Stewart on his fine punting people would take it the wrong way. (Seriously: For a guy who got MVP votes at QB, it's pretty selfless to go out there and punt; and if he doesn't nail that last punt at the 8, then the Ravens aren't in range for the winning FG. Nothing trashy about that at all.)

Posted by: Matt Weiner at November 15, 2004 03:13 PM