April 27, 2006

Lubbock Officially Repeals Residential Segregation

From The Daily Toreador, which often seems to be a better paper than the professional one, Lubbock City Council has unanimously repealed a 1923 ordinance forbidding black people from living west of Avenue C or south of 16th St.

Mayor Marc McDougal says that the law was implicitly repealed in a 1959 overhaul of the city ordinances, and it has been unenforced for decades (as I should hope). Regji Davis, president of the African-American Chamber of Commerce, says that he has lived outside the East Side for more than 20 years and did not know there was such an ordinance. But he adds this, which I quote without comment except to say that in an ideal world it would not make sense to say this:

The majority of the African-American population [71% according to the Toreador -- mw] does live in the East side, and I can see how that might skew the population trend, but at the same time, people want to live where they're wanted.
Posted by Matt Weiner at April 27, 2006 08:23 PM