March 04, 2009

Inconsistency of Knowledge Ascriptions in Philosophers' Imprint

I'm pleased to announce that "The (mostly harmless) Inconsistency of Knowledge Ascriptions" has appeared in Philosophers' Imprint; you can read it here, or find the PDF and links to individual pages this page. No subscription or anything required; it's available to anyone with an internet connection. (The first link may not be stable -- I'm not sure how the URLs for the page viewers work -- but the second should work, and you can click on "page 1" to go to the page viewer.)

This was a pretty major undertaking for me, and I think the theory of knowledge it presents is pretty novel (though Stephen Schiffer has argued for something similar). I won't pretend that my arguments are knock-down, but one of the referees said something like "Even if I don't agree with the conclusion, I think it'd be good to have these arguments out there," and I'll happily accept that. Anyway, I do agree with the conclusion. In addition to all the acknowledgments in the paper, thanks to the Imprint for being a great online journal (and thus a good place to publish long papers like this) and also for being extremely patient with me on several occasions.

Posted by Matt Weiner at March 4, 2009 05:01 AM

The easiest (and permanent) way to link is via the DOI, as listed on the article's landing page:

Posted by: Kai at March 4, 2009 10:09 AM

Thanks Kai -- I've changed the second link to that, especially since I messed the link up the first time around.

Posted by: Matt Weiner at March 4, 2009 07:03 PM

I'm glad it's finally out in print, I've been hoping to read this paper for some time.

Posted by: Clayton at March 9, 2009 05:00 PM

Thanks Clayton! And congratulations on the job at Trinity.

Sorry I didn't know of your eagerness -- I would've been glad to send you a copy!

Posted by: Matt Weiner at March 10, 2009 05:45 PM