May 24, 2007

Another Sex-Obsessed Lubbock Police Post

Following February's massive Chippendale bust, the clerk of a local lingerie shop was arrested for selling obscene devices—that's vibrators. Vibrators are illegal in Texas (embedded video probably NSFW; more detail here), but apparently in other Texas cities these laws are not so thoroughly enforced because, DAMN.

Four officers were involved in the sting operation, which they claim was prompted by a citizen complaint. (Thanks, citizen!) The store owner says, "In my opinion, Lubbock Police Department manpower would be better served trying to solve murders or get drugs off the street," which seems about right. The tragic thing is that the clerk (and perhaps owner) may have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.

I will refrain from saying anything more nasty about the area because it would be kicking while it's down. Licensing fees have forced them to remove Buddy Holly's name from the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame and Terrace, which is like making South Dakota take Mt. Rushmore off the state quarter.

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