<<silently>><<if $Complaint eq "yes">><<set $Repetition=$Repetition+1>><<set $JustRepeated="no">><<endif>><<endsilently>>With Robert, yes. You can't expect me to be surprised. You don't expect me to be sympathetic.\n\nYou dream about him, don't you? Talking to him, suddenly kissing, your clothes now gone, and then so is he. Waking up disgusted. Even in your mind he strips you down and laughs at you for being naked.\n\nToo bad, tut-tut, auf wiedersehn, oh well. No I do pity you. But you don't want that, you're staring at the ground biting your lip but you're sneaking a glance at me through your eyelashes. To see if I'm crying? You could make me cry if you wanted to. \n\nYou could [[leave me now|Waking1]]. You could [[beg for forgiveness|Apology]]. Or you could [[try this whole thing again|FakeStart]].\n\n<<if $JustRepeated eq "no">><<display 'Repetition'>><<endif>>\n\n<<set $Complaint="yes">>
<<silently>><<if $Apology eq "yes">><<set $Repetition=$Repetition+1>><<set $JustRepeated="no">><<endif>><<endsilently>>I won't forgive you.\n\nBecause it's not my place to? Because you can never make it right? \n\nYou could [[leave me here|Waking1]]. You won't get what you need from me.\n\nBecause I never cared about Robert. You wanted me to, you may not know that, but I know that now. But I didn't. Now you know. \n\nSo will you [[leave me|Waking1]]? Or is this [[not what you wanted|FakeStart]]?\n\n<<if $JustRepeated eq "no">><<display 'Repetition'>><<endif>>\n\n<<set $Apology="yes">>
<<silently>><<if $Drugs eq "yes">><<set $Repetition=$Repetition+1>><<set $JustRepeated="no">><<endif>><<endsilently>>I remember that look. Don't walk on the railing. Careful you'll put out your eye. Like I was some derelict, wrecking in slow motion. Deep within you were always hoarding a tiny reserve of contempt. That look could catch me short: "How can she look down on me?" \n\nAnd you were right in the end.\n\nYou withdrew from me, you know.\n\n[[That's not how you wanted this to go.|FakeStart]]\n\n<<if $JustRepeated eq "no">><<display 'Repetition'>><<endif>>\n\n<<set $Drugs="yes">>
<<silently>><<if $Time eq "yes">><<set $Repetition=$Repetition+1>><<set $JustRepeated="no">><<endif>><<endsilently>>Yes. You seem older. Don't you?\n\nBut I look the same.\n\n[["Do you remember..."|Memory]]\n\n[["Things have been..."|Complaint]]\n\n<<if $JustRepeated eq "no">><<display 'Repetition'>><<endif>>\n\n<<set $Time="yes">>
[["Why did you leave me?"|Waking2]]
<<silently>><<if $Greeting eq "yes">><<set $Repetition=$Repetition+1>><<set $JustRepeated="no">><<endif>><<endsilently>>I've been as well as you'd expect.\n\nI've been as well as you know I was. \n\nDo you want me to say I missed you?\n\nTell me why you called me here. Say it.\n\n[["Do you remember..."|Memory]]\n\n[["Things have been..."|Complaint]]\n\n<<if $JustRepeated eq "no">><<display 'Repetition'>><<endif>>\n\n<<set $Greeting="yes">>
But I can't tell you what you don't already know.\n\nWe looked at the sky together. So many more times I saw it without you. When I was out in the country, the stars spilled across the sky... but that's your memory. All I have is the memories you've given me. \n\n[[It's time for me to go.|Waking1]]
You wake up in the usual gray morning.\n\nTry to get up. You have a day ahead of you.\n\nYou'll see me tonight.
You'll find me on a bench in the town square, my eyes closed to the warm blue sky. \n\nSpeak up. It's what I'm here for.\n\n[["How have you been?"|Greeting]]\n[["It's been a long time."|Time]]
[[Reunion|FakeStart]]\n<<silently>>\n<<set $Greeting = "no">>\n<<set $Complaint = "no">>\n<<set $Apology = "no">>\n<<set $Time = "no">>\n<<set $Memory = "no">\n<<set $Bettermemory = "no">>\n<<set $Drugs = "no">>\n<<set $Justrepeated = "no">>\n<<set $Repetition = 0>>\n<<endsilently>>
<<silently>><<if $Bettermemory eq "yes">><<set $Repetition=$Repetition+1>><<set $JustRepeated="no">><<endif>><<endsilently>>I remember sitting on the swings together. It was a month till graduation. After English I'd said "Let's take off" and you'd said "Sure."\n\nI had a cigarette. [[You didn't seem to care|Drugs]].\n\nIt was a deep blue day. I don't remember if we talked, or what we said. Just the sun, one bird chirping. We went down the long slide and I felt like I was falling into that sky. Like I could see the future above me and it had no hiding places. \n\nOr I didn't think all that. You didn't think all that. We were just there.\n\n[[Leave me like this.|Waking1]]\n\n[[Or are you looking for something else?|FakeStart]]\n\n<<if $JustRepeated eq "no">><<display 'Repetition'>><<endif>>\n\n<<set $Bettermemory="yes">>
<<silently>><<if $Memory eq "yes">><<set $Repetition=$Repetition+1>><<set $JustRepeated="no">><<endif>><<endsilently>>I remember braiding your hair. How it would fall limp in my fingers. Your wince as I yanked it into place. \n\nI remember you taking the [[joint|Drugs]] from me, like a lit firework. Giggling all night when you'd barely inhaled.\n\nAnd seeing my friends see you like that. The girls edging away, [[Robert|Complaint]] moving in. A shark when you didn't know you were bleeding.\n\n[[Or do you want me to remember something better?|Bettermemory]]\n\n<<if $JustRepeated eq "no">><<display 'Repetition'>><<endif>>\n\n<<set $Memory="yes">>
<<if $Repetition eq 1>>But you've heard this before.<<endif>><<if $Repetition eq 2>>This is all I am now.<<endif>><<if $Repetition eq 3>>Night after night, I repeat myself for you.<<endif>><<if $Repetition eq 4>>Will you ever [[let me go|Waking1]]?<<endif>><<if $Repetition gte 5>>Will you [[ask me what you want to ask me|Question]]?<<endif>>\n\n<<set $JustRepeated="yes">>
Matt Weiner