Faithful Companion — 1 of 6

Matt Weiner

Release 1

"Faithful Companion" by Matt Weiner

[in 9:13 pm][out 10:43 pm][in 11:01 pm][out 11:07 pm][in 11:37 pm][out 11:44 pm][in 8:55 pm][out 9:28 pm][in 9:34 pm][out 10:00 pm][in 10:00 pm][out 10:09 pm][in 10:10 pm][out 10:16 pm][in 10:17 pm][out 10:21 pm; these micropauses seem suspicious but they occurred when I was trying to figure out how much time I had left]

Use no scoring.

Use American dialect.

Use the serial comma.

[Addition so I can publish this online:]Release along with source text and an interpreter.

Include Editable Stored Actions by Ron Newcomb.

When play begins: say "Since a recent vandalism, rumors have it that the Thurnley tomb is haunted. None dare enter, and only the caretaker dares go near it. You have promised her to try to lay the ghost to rest; if you do not return by morning she has promised to try to venture in to recover you."