Faithful Companion — 5 of 6

Matt Weiner

Release 1

Chapter - The Antechamber

The Antechamber is a room. "Visitors used to sit on the bench here to contemplate their mortality. Recently the reminders of their mortality have become all too great. A marble door leads inside."

The bench is an enterable scenery supporter in the Antechamber. The description of the bench is "[If the ghost is off-stage]The bench is covered with a light drift of leaves. The caretaker has been neglecting this crypt and its environs, though she has promised to recover you if you do not return before dawn.[otherwise]The leaves that were on this bench have assembled themselves into the form of a ghost." Understand "leaves" as the bench when the ghost is off-stage.

An iron key is on the bench. The description is "A heavy iron key that seems to fit the lock of the crypt's door."

The marble door is a locked door. It is scenery. It is inside from the Antechamber. The description is "The inscription on the heavy marble door reads 'I May Have Peace When I Rest.'" The iron key unlocks the marble door. Understand "inscription" as the marble door.

Every turn when (the player holds the key or the turn count is greater than 2) and the ghost is off-stage:

say "You feel a chill but no wind, yet the leaves fly from the bench and twirl in the air. They seem to limn a human figure in an attitude of expectation, as if your presence has stirred some memories of its own life.";

now the ghost is in the Antechamber.

Understand "leaves/figure/human/limn/spirit/wraith/leaf" as the ghost.