Tea and Toast — 23 of 31

Maria del Pangolin

Release 1

Chapter - Lily, Time, and the Radio

When play begins: say "As you slip out of bed, Lily murmurs and settles back into sleep. A few minutes till the alarm clock goes off. Time enough to make some". [followed by the title, "Tea and Toast"]

When play begins: now seconds_per_turn is 30. [Need to allow enough time to do everything.]

Before examining or looking: take 5 seconds.

Before waiting: take 60 seconds.

The time of day is 6:55 AM.

When play begins:

now the left hand status line is "Tea and Toast";

now the right hand status line is "[time of day]".

At 7:00 AM:

say "From the bedroom comes a brief burst from the clock radio, [radio text] which abruptly cuts off, like a clock radio whose snooze button has been slapped.";

now the clue threshold is 4.

At 7:07 AM:

say "The clock radio blares [radio text] then cuts off again. You can hear Lily shambling about the bedroom.";

now the clue threshold is 2.

At 7:09 AM:

say "Lily drags herself in, brushing the hair back from her eyes. [if hot tea is on-stage]'Ooh, tea, lovely,' she says. 'Just what I need to make me human this morning.'[otherwise]'Making tea, darling?' she says. 'How nice.'[end if][if a toasted bread slice is on-stage]'And toast too!' she says. 'My cup runneth over! Only I hope not, because that'd be messy and hot.' Though that doesn't sound like the worst thing.[end if]";

end the story finally saying "Ah, tea and toast".

To say radio text: say "[one of]'Meow, meow, kitties,'[or]'Yes, but it's all wrong,'[or]'I'm sweating so much,'[or]'Leave your body alone,'[or]'I don't find it irritating,'[or]'White horses and ladies by the score,'[or]'The taste of your skin,'[in random order]".

The clock radio is scenery in the Kitchen. Instead of doing anything when the current action involves the clock radio: say "The clock radio is in the bedroom. Best to leave it be."

Lily is a woman in the Kitchen. Lily is scenery. Instead of doing anything when the current action involves Lily: say "Lily will emerge when she emerges and not before."