Tea and Toast — 25 of 31

Maria del Pangolin

Release 1

Section - Specific Memories and Their Associations

To say pb: say paragraph break.

Coveredness is a kind of value. The coverednesses are covered, uncovered, and used up.

A memory is a kind of object. Some memories are defined by the Table of Reminiscence.

Table of Reminiscence

memorymemory-textcoveredness [this is a bit of a misnomer, as it records not only whether a memory is uncovered but whether it's used up]
Bus 1"It was at the bus stop you first saw her. The first week, you stole glances as you walked past. The second week, you tried to figure out if she was stealing glances back. The third week, you decided to start taking the bus to work... even though it'd be a bit of a walk back." uncovered
Bus 2"A week in and she was definitely eyeing you across the bus aisle. Talking to you, she wasn't. You took a deep breath to say... 'Some weather, huh?' God no. You puffed the breath into your cheeks, crossed your eyes, and held it till she looked up again. She burst out laughing. 'Maria,' she'd say to you later, 'I never even knew being ladylike was a thing until I met someone who was so not it."covered
Bus 3"You thought you'd been talking five minutes and you were halfway to Whitefish Bay. You yanked the rope for the next stop and walked off, trying to look purposeful till the bus was out of sight. Then you dashed across the street for the next bus back. Lily was on it. 'You rode past your stop too?' she said."covered
Sliced Bread"'Why does everyone say [']The best thing since sliced bread?[']' she says. 'Bread you slice yourself is so much nicer.'[pb]'Maybe they got tired of the crumbs?'"uncovered
Semiotics of the Toaster"'The toaster,' she intones. 'Perfect rectangular slots presuppose perfect rectangular bread, uniformly thick. The bread itself is made by the toaster as much as by the ovens it's baked in.'[pb]'It's not the only thing that's uniformly thick around here, hey.'"uncovered
Toaster Oven"You've never quite understood why you don't have a toaster oven. 'The toaster's so sleek and shiny,' she says. 'There's something about a thing that's designed for one thing and does it well,' she says. 'It'd be a disambiguation nightmare,' she says. Sometimes you can't understand her at all."uncovered
Toast Conflict"She loves lumpy hand-cut bread in thick slices and the smooth clean toaster they don't fit into. But when you pointed that out she seemed genuinely disturbed, like she'd just uncovered a hard truth about the world." covered
O Breath"She read to you from the Elizabeth Bishop book once. Beneath that loved / and celebrated breast. 'Don't know why what's beneath is so interesting,' she said, 'it's....' She moved her hand up to cup you. You never did find out how the poem ended."uncovered
O Snap"She likes the tea ball strainer because it makes the tea just right. You like the tea ball strainer because you can squeeze it open and get her nose."uncovered
Chopping Onions"It had been an awful day and you were chopping onions and the tears became real tears. Then she was there, murmuring, 'These old tears in the chopping-bowl.'[pb]'Will you stop quoting shit and just hold me?'[pb]'I'm sorry. I'm sorry.' She put her arms around you and laid her head on your shoulder. The tears ran into her hair."uncovered
Varieties of Tea"Tea was always just tea to you -- hot, strong, a little swampy. But Lily luxuriates in tea. 'Darjeeling, Constant Comment, Lapsang Souchong,' she says, her eyes closed.[pb]'Aren't you Orientalizing?'[pb]'Laaaap-sannng Soouuu-chong. I'm in a place your cruel words can't reach.[pb]She's learned to make sure the one she wants for breakfast is out where you'll use it."uncovered
The Tea Bag"Lily is quite understanding about tea bags, really. Sometimes you're just too tired for more than a quick boil and steep. And you've learned that the other kind of tea really can be nicer."uncovered
Twenty Questions"'Is it bigger than a breadbox?' she asks.[pb]'I'd never have known how big that was till you brought that breadbox here.'[pb]'It's a little bigger than a loaf of bread, you silly.'"uncovered
Fortune"You suddenly freeze, staring intently into her teacup. 'Outlook hazy,' you say at last. 'I'll need to read your palm.'[pb]'It'd be a little more convincing if you didn't quote the Magic 8 Ball,' she says. But she holds your hand out.'[pb]'I see that you aaaaarrreee... very ticklish!' and you skitter her fingers in her palm. She shrieks and tries to twist away, but you've got her hip, and her ribs, and she collapses to the floor."uncovered
Grading"She's sitting at the table, drifts of papers around her. 'Oh no oh no oh no oh fuck you,' she mumbles to them. 'You think you're connecting to the students,' she says. 'That there's some spark behind those stares. And then you find out that you've been wasting your sweetness on the desert air, because they don't seem to have understood the simplest thing I've said. What am I doing with my life?'"uncovered
Night"Her absence awakens you. Diamond-shaped slices of moonlight on the floor. She's standing in the kitchen, eyes closed. She murmurs, 'I can't stop thinking about it.' Her back is unyielding as you rub it. 'Can't stop turning it over in my mind. Why did she let that asshole abuse me like that?' You rub gently then firmly, but she stays hunched and rigid."uncovered
Form and Function"'The red double-decker teapot. Why?'[pb]'I had an Italian teapot once,' she says. 'Chic as anything, but the spout dribbled. Say what you will about the English, they know how to drink tea.' She scoots it across the table like a kid with a truck. 'Anyway it's cute.'"uncovered
Kooshie Koo"She's absently rolling the koosh in her palm as she reads. Its rubber tendrils slip through her fingers like hair. Like your hair. You can't stop watching."uncovered
Chopstering"'This is called a Chopster?' you say. 'That's the greatest name ever.'[pb]'It's great for little chop-up jobs. Dressings and tiny batches of pesto.'[pb]'Couldn't hear you, I'm too busy saying Chopster Chopster Chopster. Oh listen to that cute little whirr! I'm in love.'[pb]And it turns out it's just right for the little batches you bring home from the supermarket."uncovered

Table of Associations [which memories are associated with which other memories; doing each association as a separate row of the table because lists are hogs]

promptassociated memoryassociated thing
a memorya memorya thing
Bus 1Bus 2--
Bus 1--tea tin
Bus 1--teapot
Bus 2Bus 3--
Bus 2--tea tin
Bus 2--teapot
Bus 2--kettle [because making faces]
Bus 2 --reflection [even more so]
Bus 3--tea tin
Bus 3--teapot
Sliced Bread--bread knife
Sliced Bread--loaf of bread
Sliced Bread--bread slice [this may not even work, because bread slices are a kind of thing and I don't know how to get an anonymous instance]
Sliced BreadSemiotics of the Toaster--
Sliced BreadToast Conflict--
Semiotics of the ToasterSliced Bread--
Semiotics of the ToasterToast Conflict--
Semiotics of the ToasterToaster Oven--
Semiotics of the Toaster--Bread Slice
Semiotics of the Toaster--Toaster
Toaster OvenSemiotics of the Toaster--
Toaster OvenToast Conflict--
Toaster Oven--Toaster
Toast ConflictSliced Bread--
Toast ConflictSemiotics of the Toaster--
Toast ConflictToaster Oven--
Toast Conflict--loaf of bread
Toast Conflict--bread slice
Toast Conflict--toaster
O Breath--Complete Poems of Elizabeth Bishop
O BreathVarieties of Tea-- [Varities of Tea was a bit sexy before I thought better of it]
O Snap--tea strainer
O SnapBus 2-- [because goofiness? eh]
O SnapFortune--
Chopping Onions--Complete Poems of Elizabeth Bishop [it's an Adrienne Rich poem, actually]
Chopping Onions--countertop
Chopping OnionsNight--
Chopping Onions--bread knife [knives is knives]
Varieties of Tea--tea tin
Varieties of Tea--tea leaves
Varieties of Tea--loose tea
Varieties of Tea--tea strainer
Varieties of Tea--teapot
Varieties of Tea--hot tea
Varieties of TeaThe Tea Bag--
Varieties of TeaO Breath--
The Tea Bag--tea tin
The Tea Bag--tea leaves
The Tea Bag--loose tea
The Tea Bag--tea strainer
The Tea Bag--teapot
The Tea Bag--hot tea
The Tea Bag--countertop [tea bag stain in description]
The Tea BagVarieties of Tea--
Twenty Questions--breadbox
Twenty Questions--loaf of bread
Fortune--tea leaves
Fortune--hot tea
FortuneO Snap-- [goofiness, definitely]
NightChopping Onions--
Form and FunctionToaster Oven--
Form and FunctionToast Conflict--
Form and FunctionThe Tea Bag--
Toaster OvenForm and Function--
Toast ConflictForm and Function--
The Tea BagForm and Function--
Form and Function--teapot
Bus 1--Lily's wallet
Bus 2--Lily's wallet
Bus 3--Lily's wallet
Grading--Lily's wallet [university stuff]
Night --Lily's wallet
Kooshie Koo--koosh
Kooshie KooGrading-- [that's what she's reading]
Kooshie KooO Breath-- [sexiness AND reading; this should be extra-strength if I implement strength] [no reverse connection in case the koosh is undiscovered]
ChopsteringToaster Oven-- [again, no reverse connection]

Table of Uncovering [which memories uncover which memories]

Bus 1Bus 2
Sliced BreadToast Conflict
Semiotics of the ToasterToast Conflict
Bus 2Bus 3