Tea and Toast — 9 of 31

Maria del Pangolin

Release 1

Chapter - Some World-Modely Stuff

Section - Plugging stuff

Understand "plug [something] in" or "plug in [something]" or "plug [something]" or "plug [something] in [something]" as plugging it into.

For supplying a missing second noun when plugging:

now the second noun is the wall.

Definition: A thing is plugged-in rather than unplugged if it is inserted into the wall. [And let's just make those the only outlets]

[Before filling the plugged-in kettle with water: say "(first unplugging the kettle, then plugging it back in afterward)[command clarification break]"] [No, this is stupid; the base is what plugs in, and you don't unplug that to fill it. Implementing the base and kettle separately would be *madness*.]

Definition: A thing is pluggable rather than unpluggable if it encloses a PS-plug.

The printed name of a PS-plug is usually "plug of [the random thing incorporating the item described]".

Understand "plug" as a PS-plug. Understand "of [something related by reversed incorporation]" as a PS-plug.

Instead of examining a PS-plug: [this preempts a rule from Plugs and Sockets]

say "It's a plug; when plugged into an outlet it allows electricity to flow to a device. It is [if the attachment of the noun is nothing]unplugged[else]plugged into [the holder of the attachment of the noun][end if]."