January 31, 2004

Random Nonsense

(1) The maintenance man came by to fix the radiator and with three quick turns of his wrench... seems to have accomplished nothing. Developing...

(2) Employing my radical interpretation skills, it seems as though my cat has one basic, other-regarding preference: She wants to sit in the chair I want to sit in. Sometimes this preference is so strong that she will sit in it regardless of whether I am already sitting in it. This way of looking at things might console one of my commenters...

(3) I reconfirmed this morning that, of all the irritating music I listen to, there are only three things that bother my cat. (Actually, I just reconfirmed one. To reconfirm all three in one day would be sadistic.) Perhaps I will describe them on Monday; I haven't been doing enough [any] music blogging.

Posted by Matt Weiner at January 31, 2004 05:24 PM