August 18, 2004


I hope you read Fametracker regularly.

This movie, like its title, feels like it was spat out by a computer. Computers are totally mocking us at this point. Once they beat us in chess, they lost all respect for us.

It's because of this site that I can talk so authoritatively about how much certain movies must suck without having ever seen them. If you think the last sentence was aimed at you, you're probably right.

Posted by Matt Weiner at August 18, 2004 11:56 AM

Kewl, but I get my authoritative movie opinions from the NY Daily News' Jami Bernard, who cried when she saw Fahrenheit 9/11

Posted by: jeff at August 19, 2004 01:14 PM

Me, I cry when I go to someone's webpage and see a link to a Lynndie England fan site that's apparently not ironic.

Posted by: Matt Weiner at August 20, 2004 12:44 PM

damn humorless libs

Posted by: jeff at August 21, 2004 05:11 PM

You call me humorless on a post entitled "Snort"? That's cold.

Posted by: Matt at August 22, 2004 05:53 PM