August 22, 2004


Matthew Yglesias captures my mood. I gave a lot of money a while ago and am in the midst of about 3 months without a paycheck, but I'll be doing some volunteering right soon. This Swiftboat Veterans thing is disgusting--pay attention to it for half a second and you'll see that the Swiftboat Veterans are lying in their teeth (is this link even necessary?), and the Bush Administration is at the very very very least encouraging them by their silence. (And not just that.)

(BTW, as you can tell the no-politics guideline for this blog is completely kaput. That applies to comments too. I may let politics, and even personal insults, in even on unrelated threads. But I reserve the right to cut off debate if I think it's getting unhelpful. In particular, I won't have any compunction about deleting or editing political comments on the philosophy threads.)

Posted by Matt Weiner at August 22, 2004 03:21 PM