April 18, 2009

World Domination Enterprises

I see that I've been cited in a paper written in Chinese. (Click the two blue characters under the "S C Levinson" citation to see what I think is the full bibliography -- I've been alphabetized under "Matthew" but that's understandable.)


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Missed Opportunity

If I had known about the Twitter-length philosophy contest, I would've entered "All conversational implicatures are cancelable, and I am the Queen of Romania. I mean it literally." Only 99 characters, and not only is it an original argument I actually got it published (with some additions). Oh well.

[Actually I think the beginning of the published paper is "Are all conversational implicatures cancelable? Yes they are, and I am the queen of Romania. I mean it." Still Twitter-length, though. No online link, but I think the paper's been out long enough that I can probably put it back up now, when I get around to updating my page to for instance stop saying that I'm at Texas Tech.]

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