Tea and Toast — 13 of 31

Maria del Pangolin

Release 1

Section - Revisions for Examining Containers

After examining when the noun is filled with something (this is the describe the fillings rule):

say "[The noun] is filled with [filling of the noun].";

now examine text printed is true;

continue the action.

The describe the fillings rule is listed before the list attached things when examining receiver or inserter rule in the after rulebook. [Otherwise the examining receiver or insterter rule cuts off the describe the fillings rule when, say, the kettle is filled with water]

Carry out examining a container (this is the don't always examine containers rule):

unless the noun is the toaster or the noun is the tea tin or the noun is a teacup:

if the noun is not filled with something or the noun contains something:

follow the examine containers rule.

The don't always examine containers rule is listed instead of the examine containers rule in the carry out examining rulebook.