Tea and Toast — 19 of 31

Maria del Pangolin

Release 1

Chapter - Mission-Critical Things

[Mission-critical stuff is what you need to make tea and toast. The mission-criticalities concern whether they've fulfilled their role, whether they aren't in a position to fulfill their role yet, or whether they need to be used now.]

A mission-criticality is a kind of a value. The mission-criticalities are irrelevant, pending, critical, and fulfilled.

A thing can be mission-irrelevant or mission-critical. A thing is usually mission-irrelevant.

The kettle, the toaster, the loose tea, the tea strainer, the hot water, the teapot, the hot tea, the bread knife, the cold water, and the loaf of bread are mission-critical.

A teacup is always mission-critical.

A bread slice is always mission-critical.

To decide what mission-criticality is the mission status of (item - a thing): decide on the mission-criticality produced by the mission assessment rules for the item.