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Maria del Pangolin

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Carry out requesting the credits: say "'Tea and Toast' was written for ShuffleComp 2014. Participants were given a list of eight songs suggested by other participants as inspiration for their games. [pb]The game was primarily inspired by Lucy Spraggan's 'Tea and Toast,' suggested by Justin de Vesine, with cameos from the other songs on the list: [pb]Emerson Lake and Palmer's 'Lucky Man,' suggested by PaperBlurt[line break]Alphastates['] 'Addicted,' suggested by Katherine Morayati[line break]Blind Faith's 'Can't Find My Way Home,' suggested by Marshall Tenner Witter[line break]The Only Ones['] 'Another Girl, Another Planet,' suggested by A Mysterious Stranger[line break]Animal Collective's 'Leaf House,' suggested by Christopher Conley[line break]Kodagain's 'It's Hot,' suggested by Caleb Wilson[line break]The Beatles['] 'Strawberry Fields Forever,' suggested by Matthew Smith[pb]Thanks to all! [pb]Huge thanks to betatesters Andrew Schultz, Lucian Smith, and Carl Muckenhoupt, to Felix Larsson for the slice disambiguation code, to Aaron Reed whose Example One was an inspiration, to Sam Ashwell for organizing ShuffleComp, and to the Inform team and extension authors without whom none of this would be possible (Graham Nelson, Emily Short, Eric Eve, Sean Turner, and Jon Ingold all wrote extensions used in this game as of version 0.2).[pb]Thanks also to all the friends, acquaintances, and more who have offered advice on making tea. (For the record, I am informed that the the teapot in question is strictly decorative.)"