Tea and Toast — 31 of 31

Maria del Pangolin

Release 1

Section - Allowing "Slice" and "Plug" as Disambiguation Responses

["Slice" is a verb but can also be a disambiguation response, as in the slice of bread, so we have to add "slice" to the list of verbs that should be interpreted as disambiguation responses. "Plug" ditto; though it's pretty useless to mess around with, it's very likely to require disambiguation. Thanks to Felix Larsson for the code!]

Include (- Replace LanguageVerbMayBeName; -) before "Language.i6t"

Include (-

[ LanguageVerbMayBeName w;

if (w == ’long’ or ’short’ or ’normal’ or 'slice' or 'plug'

or ’brief’ or ’full’ or ’verbose’)




-) after "Commands" in "Language.i6t"