Tea and Toast — 11 of 31

Maria del Pangolin

Release 1

Section - Miscellaneous Actions

Instead of going: say "No need to go anywhere yet; you have enough time to wait for Lily."

Instead of singing: say "[radio text] you sing quietly." [radio text is capitalized and with a comma in quotation marks]

Understand the command "read" as something new.

Reading is an action applying to one thing. Understand "read [something]" as reading.

Check reading when the noun is not The Complete Poems of Elizabeth Bishop: say "[The noun] doesn't make great reading." instead.

Report reading The Complete Poems of Elizabeth Bishop: say "[60 secs]You read a bit of the poem about the moose. That's your favorite."

Understand "* [text]" as a mistake ("Thanks for the comment!").

Understand "xyzzy" or "plugh" or "plover" as a mistake ("Fourth-wall breaking is Lily's job.").

The loaf of bread is edible. A bread slice is always edible.

Instead of eating the loaf of bread: say "Oh dear, cut it first!"

Instead of eating an untoasted bread slice: say "You're not in enough of a hurry to eat plain untoasted bread."

After eating a toasted bread slice:

now the noun is untoasted; [since it's going back off-stage to be recycled the next time you cut bread]

say "You eat plain toast. Not that appetizing, but you usually don't get the butter and jam out until Lily wakes up. [pb](Too much to implement, she says. Sometimes she really makes no sense.)"

The block drinking rule is not listed in any rulebook.

[these are carry out and after rules to allow the noticing and memory rules to take effect]

Carry out drinking something when the noun is filled with a liquid:

if the filling of the noun is cold water:

say "You're not thirsty enough to drink water from [the noun].";


try drinking the filling of the noun.

After drinking hot tea: say "Oh, you can wait for Lily."

After drinking cold water: say "You stick your head under the tap and drink some cold water. Refreshing."

After drinking a liquid: say "[The noun] doesn't seem that appetizing; why not wait to drink some tea with Lily?"